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Inverary - Old and New


Inverary has changed a lot over the years since the first McNeurs are recorded there in 1640.

Some of the history and changes are documented over here

Inverary Castle

Inverary Castle dominates the surrounding region.

Some of it's history and changes are documented over here

Port Glasgow

Some of the history and changes in and around Port Glasgow are documented over here

The Evolution of the McNeur Surname

Over the years, the McNeur name has changed many times.

As many of the early McNeurs would have been unable to spell their own name, it was often written based on how someone interpreted the sound. Hence, even now, many forms of the name exist.

The evolution of the name is described and discussed over here

Scotland's shifting population

During the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, the makeup of Scotland changed significantly, with many from the Highlands moving towards the towns for work and food. This drift is documented over here

The historical and linguistic background of Inverary

A presentation given by one of the local historians summarises the gradual changes in the language over here

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